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Hearing the click of the thirty five makes me think of you
Not so much the film that flies, but the way it travels through
Flip the motor on and watch the leader roll on to
The aperture plate, the sprockets, and the roller that reads the cue

It loops and winds and rolls
Sometimes wraps around the brain
The same way that you lead your life
As if you were insane

Hearing the click of the thirty five makes you think of me
Not so much the many splices, but the film that's shown on screen
Flip the projector on and watch the pictures that are seen
They are blurred, and blotted, and even scratched for every single scene

It smudges and blurs and folds
Sometimes refuses to be played
The same way that I lead my life
As if I were too fazed

With your loops and with my kinks, we would surely make
A showing to remember but that never should be played

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