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Here, I let it all out
Here, all of it's poured out
Here, spilled everywhere are my thoughts, my horrors, my failures
They exist here

There, you let it all out
There, all of it's poured out
There, spilled everywhere are your thoughts, your dreams, your successes
They exist there

Where does that leave the two of us?

It was so calm a night
Illuminated by the starlight
And the wind sang us a beautiful melody

It was so clear a sky
As the scenery passed by
And the bugs sang us a beautiful harmony

It was so short a time
Illuminated by the sunshine
Yet nature's beautiful song faded

Where does that leave the two of us?
Spilled out across the floor
But we must try, try, try to collect what's left and carry on or be buried.

Where does that leave the you of now?
Gathered in one place
And somehow flying, flying, flying to a place with promise and set to face the future

Where does that leave the me of now?
Poured out across the globe
And going down, down, down to a place with dismay and stuck within the past

Here, I let me all out
Here, all of me is poured out
Here, spilled everywhere is me   Always
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