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I should’ve seen the warning signs:
They were practically flashing in bright lights.
I suppose I’ve wished it upon myself, this hell.

My discernment evaded me
And left me in a bowl of tie-dyed grief.
I suppose I’ve wished it upon myself, this bitter pill.

Oh, I’m crashing, I’m falling.
It’s the worst of the worst.
Watch me, Allen!
Get out of the way!
I’m burning!
My frame’s crashing to the ground,
A mass of smoking wreckage to be found.
I can’t talk; no words can be aroused.
How could I have let this fall around me?

Doctor Eckener, was this sabotage?
What about the airship, Commander Rosendahl?
I think that I may have lost it all.
Last call!
Eric’s been fairly unreliable,
And I think it might be his fault…
I think this might be his fault.
Yes, I think I’m his fault.

Perhaps, I should put the past behind,
But I cannot help but be reminded
Of our plight, D-LZ129,
And the night that clock read seven: two-five.
“Oh, the humanity!” Morrison cries.
Run the reels of my sad love life.

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