refisher: (Writing)
There, in the shadows,
Those eyes:
They're yellow
and bright.

Grasping at blonde straws.
A scream.
A quick draw.
He's kneed.

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refisher: (Writing)
Pitter-patter on your head
Splashing while upon you tread
Walking slowly, dragging ped-
Wishing you weren’t hardly dead

Without purpose, without way
Aimless as the passing day
Clutching tightly bottle’s nape
Wishing you might die today

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refisher: (Writing)
Está en mi vista pero fuera de mi alcance
Deseo que se acercara a mí   ¡Llegue!   ¡Llegue!
Las palabras que tienen ningún contenido
Los sonidos que tienen ningún significado

Puedo oírlo pero no puedo saborearlo
¿Cuándo podrá conocerlo? ¿Cuándo podrá tocarlo?
Estoy comenzando a comprender que nunca puedo...
En algún momento, buscaré mi corazón roto

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Jul. 4th, 2008 03:52 pm
refisher: (Writing)
The world is darkened as if covered in sadness
The icy air causes skin to crawl
The more I look out through the freezing glass
I want this feeling to evaporate

The gloom saturates me to my very core
The sorrow leaves me silent
My breath feels shallower than ever before
Shadows still cover at night’s end

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refisher: (Writing)
You've run from your own shadow
Crawled out of your virtual scene
And after that, let go of your neoteny

Your stumbling along the tracks
Left you with a dizzy heart
You cannot swim back before you bark

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Jun. 13th, 2008 09:50 pm
refisher: (Writing)
On this mountain, I can see so far
The landscape is beautiful
And the flowing rivers
On this mountain, I can see so near
The rocky slopes are so full
Of the flowing rivers

In this airplane, I can see so far
The landscape   It disappears
And the waning rivers
From way up here, I can see so near
The destruction from there to here
And the unceasing tears

And I would sage the world if I could,
But my hands alone would not make it any different.

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refisher: (Writing)
Hey there, sir
You're looking worn
Life's been hard
Survived a storm
But now you've created one all on your own

Hey there, sir
You're looking slack
Grew the beard
But quit the pack
Yet now you are in the bottle's tight grasp

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refisher: (Writing)
Once, I watched a tree collapse;
It was on a sunny day in April.
No wind storms or nimbus clouds,
No light breeze   Just the sky at a standstill.

It struck me as ironic.
Something so sturdy could fall at its waist,
And in the wake of its crash,
Debris had scattered and was blown away.

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