refisher: (Writing)
A deal that’s been made
Cannot be avoided, voided, or changed
A hand that’s been played
A Royal flush by a Royal Sage
In spite of my fomentation,
And it’s tormenting sensation

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refisher: (Writing)
You've run from your own shadow
Crawled out of your virtual scene
And after that, let go of your neoteny

Your stumbling along the tracks
Left you with a dizzy heart
You cannot swim back before you bark

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refisher: (Writing)
Once, I watched a tree collapse;
It was on a sunny day in April.
No wind storms or nimbus clouds,
No light breeze   Just the sky at a standstill.

It struck me as ironic.
Something so sturdy could fall at its waist,
And in the wake of its crash,
Debris had scattered and was blown away.

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Apr. 21st, 2008 10:02 pm
refisher: (Writing)
The sky sheds its tears on me
The only light is at the end of the street
Mesmerizing   The small, mounted light
It can be seen from so far in this night

Along the sidewalk, stumbling
Can't see where I am going
Just heading toward that point

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Apr. 16th, 2008 09:59 pm
refisher: (Writing)
The prospect of ends has always been terrifying for me,
Yet the ultimate end is even more so.   It haunts me.

I am who I am, yet I am told not to fear
The unbecoming of me as the end grows near
But that is what truly frightens the most:
That I do not know when I'll reach the coast.

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refisher: (Writing)
Confusion   Never thought my mind could spin so many ways
Frustration   When I notice how much shorter are the days
Until my future begins

In bed   At night   Fully awake
Crying   Eyes out   Mixed up feelings
What the hell do you want from me?
Or is it Hell that you want with me?

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refisher: (Writing)
A hazy future
The doubt won't melt away but neither will You   Isn't that right?
Never   Never seems so far away
But if it's "never" then it should not seem at all.

Hysteria   Gripping tightly
Others calm   But not me   Thanks a lot

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refisher: (Writing)
These thoughts in my head seem too crazy for me
I can conclude that they must be from You
Yet, the anti-thesis—What if it is Your enemy?
I cannot prove either is true.

That is why I am going insane.
These ridiculous thoughts of the future slowly rip my sanity away.

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