refisher: (Writing)
Go ahead and cut me down again
Keep pretending it’s all light-hearted
Must admit that it causes much strain

Bring your sentences into the world
Keep pretending your words aren’t smarmy
Meekness never was a niche of yours
And, at this rate, won't ever be

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Apr. 16th, 2008 09:59 pm
refisher: (Writing)
The prospect of ends has always been terrifying for me,
Yet the ultimate end is even more so.   It haunts me.

I am who I am, yet I am told not to fear
The unbecoming of me as the end grows near
But that is what truly frightens the most:
That I do not know when I'll reach the coast.

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refisher: (Writing)
The black crumbles away
Light has broken through
For the first time in awhile I can breath around You

What had twisted up my heart
Has begun to fade to white
Interestingly enough, because of You I am alright.

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refisher: (Writing)
Confusion   Never thought my mind could spin so many ways
Frustration   When I notice how much shorter are the days
Until my future begins

In bed   At night   Fully awake
Crying   Eyes out   Mixed up feelings
What the hell do you want from me?
Or is it Hell that you want with me?

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refisher: (Writing)
All that was white now turns black and falls away
The clarity in my mind months ago
It fades with the realization the beginning is ending.

Uncertainty rules my every decision
What I thought was right seems dangerous   No   Wrong.

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refisher: (Writing)
These thoughts in my head seem too crazy for me
I can conclude that they must be from You
Yet, the anti-thesis—What if it is Your enemy?
I cannot prove either is true.

That is why I am going insane.
These ridiculous thoughts of the future slowly rip my sanity away.

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