Nov. 11th, 2008 09:16 pm
refisher: (Writing)
Watching the sun break through the cotton candied sky
And light up the rippling waters flowing   Tide is high
Enough for me to watch the beautiful fish glide by
Slicing like a knife does through softened butter

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refisher: (Writing)
I should’ve seen the warning signs:
They were practically flashing in bright lights.
I suppose I’ve wished it upon myself, this hell.

My discernment evaded me
And left me in a bowl of tie-dyed grief.
I suppose I’ve wished it upon myself, this bitter pill.

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refisher: (Writing)
I’ve never ever felt love like I’ve seen in all the movies
I’ve never ever met Love like the first scene on T.V.
I’ve never ever dwelt on “liking” ‘cause it’s never been me,
But lately, this solitude—this emptiness—it leads me.

Leads me to believe I’m missing out
Leads me to conceive thoughts I’d never sough
Pride makes me deceive the very few around
That I am all right by myself.

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Jul. 27th, 2008 08:04 pm
refisher: (Writing)
Nights that pass by slowly
Days that ask too much of me
Wish I could slip quietly
Away from this endless reverie

The sempiternal aftermath of what became of us
Falls on me with a crash, refusing to let up

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refisher: (Writing)
Here, I let it all out
Here, all of it's poured out
Here, spilled everywhere are my thoughts, my horrors, my failures
They exist here

There, you let it all out
There, all of it's poured out
There, spilled everywhere are your thoughts, your dreams, your successes
They exist there

Where does that leave the two of us?

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Jun. 27th, 2008 12:35 pm
refisher: (Writing)
A mistake   That's what you called it
You just take the splicer and cut it out and throw it away

A misplice   That's what you dubbed it
In hindsight, you don't seem too respondent   Howled and fixed the frame

Remove the damaged, unwanted frames
And realize your movie won't play the same
Cut your scenes   Lose meaning
This director's cut won't make
refisher: (Writing)
Hearing the click of the thirty five makes me think of you
Not so much the film that flies, but the way it travels through
Flip the motor on and watch the leader roll on to
The aperture plate, the sprockets, and the roller that reads the cue

It loops and winds and rolls
Sometimes wraps around the brain
The same way that you lead your life
As if you were insane

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refisher: (Writing)
The car takes you into the distant horizon
You disappear from my vision into the red sun
Memories of you   They start to come undone
Fantasies of you   They start to come undone

Everything that we once were has now shattered
It splinters into pieces like the unluckiest mirror
So small and so tight the glass could be called sand
Memories   Fantasies   Can't keep from coming undone

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