Oct. 26th, 2012 02:03 pm
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These are the days
The ones we hold close—
Not for their weight,
But for, I don't know.
The intangible.

An inner calm
Replacing a crippling panic.
A kind of warmth
That is quite fitting within,
Don't disappear.
A hazy afterimage. What is it we really know? )
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“Experience tells me that I will love again and that I will be loved again.”
–Ally McBeal, The Wedding (S4:E22)

TITLE: Sounds like October

AUTHOR: R. E. Fisher

RATING: M [16+] (Profanity; Adult Situations, including Brief Depictions of Sex)

SUMMARY: “Experience tells me that I will love again and that I will be loved again,” I told myself after he left me in order to move on, but I didn’t realize I would be moving on with him.

SETTING: The show ended in the spring of 2002 with Ally leaving with her daughter Maddie for New York, and this work of fiction picks up that following fall.

DISCLAIMER: Ally McBeal, Larry Paul, and other characters from Ally McBeal are the property of 20th Century Fox and David E. Kelley. In no way do I profit from using such characters in this work of fiction. No infringement is intended.

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Rating: G
Characters: Tony, Pepper
Setting: Comic- or movie-verse
Word Count: 100
Legal: Characters not mine, but the prose is.

Basically? The best friends banter. )
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There, in the shadows,
Those eyes:
They're yellow
and bright.

Grasping at blonde straws.
A scream.
A quick draw.
He's kneed.

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Know what my mom told me
Pretty sure it’s true
Just a little miffed because the others bleed through

Nietzsche I’m not fond of,
Standing firm, midair.
Sarte ’s a little strange, thanks to Freud’s questionnaire.

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Nov. 11th, 2008 09:16 pm
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Watching the sun break through the cotton candied sky
And light up the rippling waters flowing   Tide is high
Enough for me to watch the beautiful fish glide by
Slicing like a knife does through softened butter

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I should’ve seen the warning signs:
They were practically flashing in bright lights.
I suppose I’ve wished it upon myself, this hell.

My discernment evaded me
And left me in a bowl of tie-dyed grief.
I suppose I’ve wished it upon myself, this bitter pill.

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I’ve never ever felt love like I’ve seen in all the movies
I’ve never ever met Love like the first scene on T.V.
I’ve never ever dwelt on “liking” ‘cause it’s never been me,
But lately, this solitude—this emptiness—it leads me.

Leads me to believe I’m missing out
Leads me to conceive thoughts I’d never sough
Pride makes me deceive the very few around
That I am all right by myself.

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A deal that’s been made
Cannot be avoided, voided, or changed
A hand that’s been played
A Royal flush by a Royal Sage
In spite of my fomentation,
And it’s tormenting sensation

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Hopelessness covers me
Like a blanket, it wraps around tightly, keeping me warm
The strangeness of it all
Like a breastplate, it wraps around tightly, keeping me strong
And yet this confusion
Has a dizzying effect on my all, my soul, my everything

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Jul. 27th, 2008 08:04 pm
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Nights that pass by slowly
Days that ask too much of me
Wish I could slip quietly
Away from this endless reverie

The sempiternal aftermath of what became of us
Falls on me with a crash, refusing to let up

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Go ahead and cut me down again
Keep pretending it’s all light-hearted
Must admit that it causes much strain

Bring your sentences into the world
Keep pretending your words aren’t smarmy
Meekness never was a niche of yours
And, at this rate, won't ever be

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Sit back and laugh
There’s so much fun to have
Make boom   Create gloom
I feel like some extravaganza   How about you?

Stand up and put
Your cards upon this table
Make room: nom de plume
Mine comes with quite the fable   Soon you’ll know it, too

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Pitter-patter on your head
Splashing while upon you tread
Walking slowly, dragging ped-
Wishing you weren’t hardly dead

Without purpose, without way
Aimless as the passing day
Clutching tightly bottle’s nape
Wishing you might die today

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Está en mi vista pero fuera de mi alcance
Deseo que se acercara a mí   ¡Llegue!   ¡Llegue!
Las palabras que tienen ningún contenido
Los sonidos que tienen ningún significado

Puedo oírlo pero no puedo saborearlo
¿Cuándo podrá conocerlo? ¿Cuándo podrá tocarlo?
Estoy comenzando a comprender que nunca puedo...
En algún momento, buscaré mi corazón roto

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Jul. 4th, 2008 03:52 pm
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The world is darkened as if covered in sadness
The icy air causes skin to crawl
The more I look out through the freezing glass
I want this feeling to evaporate

The gloom saturates me to my very core
The sorrow leaves me silent
My breath feels shallower than ever before
Shadows still cover at night’s end

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You've run from your own shadow
Crawled out of your virtual scene
And after that, let go of your neoteny

Your stumbling along the tracks
Left you with a dizzy heart
You cannot swim back before you bark

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Here, I let it all out
Here, all of it's poured out
Here, spilled everywhere are my thoughts, my horrors, my failures
They exist here

There, you let it all out
There, all of it's poured out
There, spilled everywhere are your thoughts, your dreams, your successes
They exist there

Where does that leave the two of us?

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Jun. 27th, 2008 12:35 pm
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A mistake   That's what you called it
You just take the splicer and cut it out and throw it away

A misplice   That's what you dubbed it
In hindsight, you don't seem too respondent   Howled and fixed the frame

Remove the damaged, unwanted frames
And realize your movie won't play the same
Cut your scenes   Lose meaning
This director's cut won't make
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Hearing the click of the thirty five makes me think of you
Not so much the film that flies, but the way it travels through
Flip the motor on and watch the leader roll on to
The aperture plate, the sprockets, and the roller that reads the cue

It loops and winds and rolls
Sometimes wraps around the brain
The same way that you lead your life
As if you were insane

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